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An Exercise in Perseverance and Endurance!

November 15, 2012

Yesterday started early (for me) getting my car to the shop to get inspected.  7:30 a.m.  – I wore my hot rollers!  So what, who cares, my hair still looks great today!   They tried to sell me a $30 scrub on my battery…first I said yes, but I am getting so much better and jumped up and said, no thank you!  I can take gunk off my battery as well as they can. 

Off to work, feeling good about myself and glad I will get to work early….la la la,  crossing over the highway I spot the road = parking lot, Errrrrrrrrrrrr  U turn!  I cleverly urn right on next main road to work, (like everyone else) and sat at light through 3 cycles and then got through and saw again – road = parking lot!  Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr U turn!  Head back home and start over, and of course I have to be at work early to make up time!  I wiggle my way here and there to finally join the throngs and get myself into my office.  I keep smiling! 

I was lucky enough to take two walks during the day on a beautiful Fall day.  I think at the end of the day it could be those walks saved me.  

In my quest to get a new job, mygodpleeeeeeeeeeeease, I bought 2 suits from Ann Taylor and needed to get the arms shortened.  Not having an interview yet but being pro-active and awesome I decide to stop by the Mall (read-hell hole, it was a miraculous feat that I was able to get the clothes in the first place and I can only thank a very loyal friend that made it her personal mission that I get a suit that fit me), ok, so I am parking at the hell hole …cutting through the JCPenney to drop off my 2 suit coats to get the arms shortened.  Turns out both suits have 4 buttons at the bottom of the sleeve, a very nice touch unless you need them shortened and then you have to take the sleeves up via the shoulder, which costs more and could make your jacket too tight.  The tailor thought he could make it work, but just in case let’s just do one for now.  Fine. 

I am driving home, only a few miles away, and I begin to worry, it’s going to be too tight.  I call the 800 Dial Ann # and tried to explain my predicament to a young girl who had no clue how to advise me.  I called the tailor and said, please do Nothing!  I’m coming back!  I call Ann Taylor and get a young and amazing woman on the phone who says YES, it could be disastrous, let’s see what we can do.   I kiss me sweet husband who I woke from taking a nap (yea poor guy, no really, poor guy), and drive back out in traffic to the freaking Mall.  Retrace my parking spot, steps and go back to the tailor and retrieve the suit coat. 

I walk through the Mall (yes it is a hell hole, who are all these people and what the heck are they all doing here, don’t they have lives, don’t judge, don’t judge, don’t judge), past the freaking Christmas tree, oh yea, Santa will be there Sunday, before Thanksgiving…so fucked up.  I go to AT and say hi, they are so nice and so competent, really, and she checks out a size 8 on me and thinks actually, yes you could wear a size 8 so when they shorten the sleeve from the shoulder it will be great.  So I say, hey, let me go show this here coat to the tailor and see what he thinks, I leave all my precious belongings and walk back to the tailor and try on the coat for him and he says, yes, I think it will work, YEA!, so I walk back to AT past that xmas tree and  return the 2 coats I bought online and it turns out that they had one of the coats in a size 8 in the shop and on SALE!! Yea!!! so I buy it.  I happily walk back to the tailor, and try on the new coat that is mine and it  looks horrible.  Something is up (and out!) on the right shoulder….no freaking way is this going to work, and I appreciate his help and bow to him and thank him and walk back to AT past the fucking tree and back to the poor woman who has to take care of me and say, won’t work, what am I going to do?  (totally whining) and she a beautiful girl, that looks like my niece calmly takes it back and we finally decide I would buy back one of the size 6 coat that the tailor said ‘on me’ it could work, and I walk BACK to the tailor and I stand there, I got tearful folks, but my hair still looked good, so I focused on that and smiled (kindof) and he put pins everywhere….he said in his Asian way ‘ you will ge the job’ and so there it is I did it.  

Then I came home knowing I have to order a size 8 of the other coat online.  On the way home I realize that I got that coat on a 30% off sale and when I got to buy another one that sale is OVER.  I call AT on my way home.  She was so nice, but yea, that sucks.  I’m like, whatever, you are great, I get home and my sweet husband is cooking an awesome salmon and broccoli dinner with white wine for me.  I say, I’m not done, there is still a missing piece.  I get online and find the jacket and call 800 Dial Ann and this time I get a new girl, but WOW she was great.  She made it happen and will make sure it gets here on Monday and no charge and yes you get 30% off and I am so sorry etc etc.  So I don’t know if any of it will work.  I got off the phone and my husband handed me the best poached salmon with butter, olive oil, lemon and garlic ever and asks me which white wine I like better, (I tell you, I love this guy), and I sit down to watch the Daily Show.  

I never fell apart.  I never cried.  Baby, I’m amazed at myself.  It is this kind of perseverance and endurance that will get me the job I deserve! 


It took Edietown 8x to get this posted! I posted the picture I made first.  I hope you enjoy it!


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