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July 13, 2012

Today is Friday, July 13.  It is a good day to start a blog.

I was born on Friday the 13th, so I claim every Friday the 13th as my birthday, as well as all of June (who is going to stop me?).

I always thought my older brothers and sisters  were teasing me, ‘you were born on Friday the 13th! na na’ (you have to say it really mean).   Then one day, I mean, really one day when I was like 30 I saw a calendar from 1958 and was like, wow!  it’s true and that is totally cool.   I don’t believe in bad luck, only good luck, so there you go.  But i do believe that shit happens, but that is shit happening and not bad luck.

Since my mom, my boss, my daughter and her friend all thought I should be writing stuff down I am doing it now.  I will go back in time just to catch you up on some of my better stories.  I have a few, since I am 54 and grew up in the 70’s.   Some of my memories are gone.   (translation:  spent high school in a very smoky car in the parking lot).

I’m amazed when you read someone’s memoir and they remember everything!  (one good one is Wendy Burden’s book “Dead End Gene Pool”…..she is related the the Vanderbilt family and she is hilarious).

Ok, now I am feeling self conscience and stuff, and keep getting interrupted.  I will leave you with this one story.  I’m getting married soon and yesterday we visited the farm where we will be married and I had a rough night and so did my fiance (I didn’t know until later) and I was lying in bed this morning thinking about a picture I took in Savannah a few years ago of a very small sentence written on a fence and it said “Everything will be okay”.  I thought about that and it made me feel better and also reminded me of all the pictures like that that I have taken that I want to enlarge and frame, like the one in Asheville I saw that was spray painted on the side of a building that  said “All I EVER WANTED WAS TO HOLD YOU LIKE YOU WERE MINE” and then some of it was crossed out and then it said “ALL I WANTED WAS SOME PAINT REMOVER!”, anyway, so I’m stressed out in bed thinking about the “Everything will be okay” photo and my fiance is about to go to work and he sat down to kiss and hug me goodbye and said, ‘EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY!!!”.  Life is so cool.


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  1. Holly permalink

    I will read this blog religiously.

  2. I love this, Edie! I’m so excited. I hope you keep it up.

  3. @holly, i am so glad you found religion at last! Peace be with you (your response should be ‘and also with you’. Thank you for the support.

  4. How come pinky gets to be so pretty and I look like nuked out toast with a brain!

  5. Hooray! More stories from Edie!

  6. Holly permalink

    @edietown and also with you. ;P

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